Dallington Downs Estate

Trev had a dream… to get back onto the land… after a successful business career. He set about making his dream a reality. He purchased a block of land in the beautiful Waipara Valley and started creating a vineyard that would benefit the coming generation of ‘Buntings’ – Dallington Downs Vineyard Estate.

Planting commenced in October 2004.  On a hot, still Waipara day, the Bunting Family started planting the first blocks of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris


Our family roots run deep. From planting to harvesting, we’re a tight bunch. So are our wines. 


Dallington Downs Vineyard Estate is located in Church Road, in the beautiful Waipara Valley, 60 km north of Christchurch City on the South Island of New Zealand. Our vineyard is nestled on the valley floor, on heavy
clay-limestone deposits left here by ancient glaciations, thousands of years in the formation, and largely untouched by human exploitation until the Maori migration (approx. 950 AD) arrived by canoe from the Pacific/Asian regions. 

Waipara is a popular wine destination, strategically placed at latitude 45 degrees south, where the valley enjoys high sunshine hours and mild temperate conditions. Flanked on the west by the Torlesse Mountains and in the east by the Teviot range, this valley is well suited for intensive viticulture, as the cold easterly trade winds blowing off the cool Pacific Ocean are blocked by the majestic and rugged Teviot Hills.  The soils are also ideally suited to viticulture as they vary right across the board from concentrated limestone to Glasnevin gravels to loamy patches on clay and shingle. Waipara Valley is now one of the fastest expanding viticulture areas in New Zealand, with many big wine producers owning large acreages within the valley.